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Our Pro Bono


At ALETHEIA International, we hold a deep sense of responsibility towards communities worldwide. Our dedication to giving back is manifested through our engagement in pro bono services, volunteer initiatives, and charitable donations, aiming to make a significant impact on meaningful causes. This ethos of contribution is embraced by everyone in our organisation, from senior management to our professional staff, who are all eager to lend their expertise for the greater good.


We are deeply committed to a range of themes and issues, providing our specialised services and knowledge on a pro bono publico basis to both individuals and organisations in need.

Screening & Profiling

Human trafficking, a contemporary form of slavery, stands as the second fastest-growing criminal industry, trailing only behind drug trafficking.

Recognising the challenge in identifying victims, we offer specialised services:

  • Victim Detection for Human Trafficking: We specialise in identifying potential victims at public facilities and ports of entry, including airports, train stations, and customs borders.

  • Criminal Activity Group Screening: Our expertise extends to spotting members of criminal groups at ports of entry, enhancing security and preventive measures.

human traficking airport.jpg
Child Abuse

Child abuse encompasses more than visible injuries; it often involves insidious harm on an emotional and psychological level.

We offer specialised services to uncover and address these concealed forms of abuse:​

  • Detection and Support for Child Abuse Cases: Our expertise includes identifying psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse, providing essential evaluation and support.

  • Hidden Abusive Pattern Resolution:​ We address conflict within families by identifying and managing subtle abusive behaviours, fostering healthier family dynamics.

  • Parenting Skills Evaluation for Adoption: Our assessments ensure prospective adoptive parents possess the necessary skills for nurturing, aiming to secure the child's best interests.

  • Parental Alienation Identification: During and after divorce proceedings, we pinpoint instances of parental alienation, aiding in the protection and support of the child's emotional well-being.

Chhid abuse.jpg
Credibility Assessment

In the evaluation of refugee and asylum applications, the weight of an applicant's testimony is crucial.

Currently, decisions on credibility in these cases tend to rely on subjective judgments that vary significantly between adjudicators, with a high risk of being affected by cultural biases.

We offer an impartial and independent assessment of an applicant's credibility, ensuring a fair and consistent evaluation process.

  • Refugee Status Candidate Evaluation: We conduct thorough assessments to determine the credibility of individuals applying for refugee status. 

  • Credibility Verification in Asylum Claims: Our services include the objective assessment of credibility within asylum claims and procedures, aiming to uphold the integrity of the asylum process.

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