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Pro Bono


At ALETHEIA International, we feel a personal and professional responsibility to communities around the world. As part of our social responsibility as a truth offering company, we provide pro bono services, volunteer services or charitable giving in support of good causes. Through pro bono services, our senior management team and professional staff are committed to giving back.

The following themes and issues are very close to our hearts, for which we offer our expertise and services on a pro bono publico basis to individuals and organisations.

Screening / Detection

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and that is why it is remains one of the fastest growing criminal industry after drug-trafficking.

Since it is very difficult task to detect victims, we provide the following:

  • Human Trafficking Victim Detection at public facilities and ports of entry (airports, train stations, custom borders)​

  • Screening (spotting) of a criminal activity group members at a ports of entry

human traficking airport.jpg

Child abuse is not always 

about obvious physical evidence, many forms of abuse are subtle and take place on an emotional level. 


We provide detection of hidden types of child abuse: 

  • Child abuse detection (psychological, sexual, emotional damage)​ and support in the evaluation in child abuse cases

  • Conflict management in abusive (Hidden Abusive Patterns) behaviour families

  • Screening for lack of parenting skills in adoption cases ​

  • Detecting parental alienation in divorce processes and after

Chhid abuse.jpg
Credibility Assessment

Refugee applicants' cases often depend on the value of their word.

To date credibility-based decisions in refugee and asylum cases are often based on personal judgment that is inconsistent from one adjudicator to the next and likely influenced by cultural misunderstandings.

We provide fair independent assessment of a candidate's credibility.

  • Evaluation of a candidate for a refugee status 

  • Assessment of credibility in asylum claims and procedures

Refugee seekers b& W.jpg
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