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Confidentiality: Aletheia International is committed to providing a high quality service to its clients. We hold the privacy and dignity of those seeking our support in high regard, and we recognise the importance of confidentiality in our interactions with individuals who contact us for assistance. It is important that anyone contacting Aletheia Int. has complete confidence and trust in our services. 


Our service is confidential and we protect any information that individuals choose to share with us.

Any information that an individual discloses to a member of the partners, management team and research staff, is treated respectfully and sensitively. We ensure that individuals receive the best service and assistance we can offer.


Personal information conveyed to Aletheia Int. will not be shared with unauthorised staff and volunteers or external organisations without explicit and informed consent. Sometimes in order to help an individual we may need to liaise with external organisations so that we can provide effective support, for example, contacting third parties or other support instances. In these circumstances we will ask for permission to share any relevant information.

To ensure the success of each organisation or a project and the high quality of our operations, we limit the number of projects and organisations we handle at any time, assuring each client receives our maximum attention.

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