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The Hidden Truth

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Who is Telling the Truth? 

Whom to Trust?

Why Mind Games?

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Beyond ongoing support, we empower you and/or your team with dynamic training — turning deception detection and strategic information gathering into your competitive edge.


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What We Can Do For You:

  • Competitive Insights: Uncover strategies to outperform rivals.

  • Advantage Enhancement: Secure key business advantages.

  • Trade Secrets: Acquire and protect crucial trade information.

  • Project Management: Efficient interim leadership for your projects.

  • Workforce Solutions: Optimise your team with strategic staffing and outsourcing.

  • Digital Forensics: Recover vital evidence through advanced device analysis.

  • Market Expansion Analysis: Evaluate potential markets for expansion opportunities, assessing risks and identifying the strategic entry points to maximise growth potential.

  • Cybersecurity Intelligence: Strengthen digital defenses, identify threats, and protect assets for uninterrupted business operations.

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What We Can Do For You:

  • ​​Work Place Investigations: Address and resolve internal conflicts and misconduct.

  • Corporate Property Protection: Tackle infringements on your intellectual and physical assets.

  • Compliance Verification: Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

  • Due Diligence Audits: Conduct thorough investigations to safeguard your investments.

  • Sabotage Detection: Identify and mitigate internal threats to your projects and operations.

  • Transparency Enforcement: Expose deceptive practices by project managers.

  • Agenda Revelation: Uncover and address hidden motives impacting your business.

  • Management Integrity Checks: Evaluate the reliability and trustworthiness of key personnel.

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What We Can Do For You:

  • In-depth Background Checks: Conduct comprehensive investigations into personal and professional histories.

  • Employment Screening: Vet potential employees thoroughly to ensure fit and integrity.

  • Business Partner Evaluation: Assess the reliability and suitability of prospective partners.

  • Executive Assessment: Scrutinise candidates for high-level positions to ensure exemplary leadership.

  • Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence: Investigate boards and companies involved in mergers or acquisitions for seamless integration.

  • Partner Integrity Insights: Gain valuable understanding of business partners' ethics and reliability.

  • Profiling: Develop detailed profiles to understand individual motivations and potential risks.


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What We Can Do For You:

Infidelity thrives in the shadows of trust, with the unfaithful using their partner's trust to avoid detection. Their main fear is discovery, prompting them to carefully watch for and counteract any signs of suspicion, complicating efforts to uncover the truth.

At ALETHEIA International, our expertise includes:

  • Infidelity Investigations: Utilising sophisticated techniques and behavioral analysis, we uncover the reality of infidelity, providing definitive evidence for peace of mind.

  • Pre-Marital Checks: Conducting comprehensive background investigations on prospective partners, ensuring you're fully informed before making a commitment.

  • Domestic Investigation: Our team carries out thorough checks to verify the trustworthiness of household staff and resolve domestic issues, safeguarding your home's security.

  • Surveillance: Employing discreet surveillance to observe behaviours and interactions, offering insights and evidence in personal investigations.

  • Online Behaviour Insights: Analysing digital traces to identify infidelity or deceit, enhancing understanding of personal dynamics.



What We Can Do For You:

In life's rapid currents, relationships can drift for various reasons. We are committed to anchoring your connections through enhanced communication, emotional intelligence, and deepening intimacy.

  • Family and Relationship Resolution: Tackling and mending conflicts in family or personal relationships.

  • Communication Boost: Elevating conversations to enrich personal connections for mutual benefit.

  • Emotional Intelligence Training: Sharpening awareness and management of emotions to improve relationship dynamics.

  • Intimacy Reinforcement: Strengthening bonds by fostering closeness and understanding.

  • Trust Rebuilding: Providing strategies and support to restore trust and rebuild relationships damaged by misunderstandings or mistakes.

  • Personal Growth Facilitation: Encouraging personal development and self-reflection to enhance relationship quality and resilience.

  • Conflict Mediation: Offering neutral guidance to navigate and resolve disputes effectively.



What We Can Do For You:

Micro Expressions are brief facial cues that offer glimpses into our deepest feelings. Our experts assist you in identifying your emotions and uncovering their roots, enhancing emotional clarity and understanding. 


This service enhances self-awareness and emotional intelligence, offering a clearer insight into your inner emotional world.

  • Uncover Authentic Emotions: Decode micro expressions to access and understand the emotions lying beneath the surface.

  • Self-knowledge Through Micro Expressions: Our approach focuses on micro expressions to deepen self-awareness and explore the foundations of your emotional responses.

  • Emotional Response Calibration: Learn to adjust your emotional responses by recognising the triggers revealed through micro expressions, leading to improved interactions and relationships.

  • Interpersonal Dynamics Enhancement: Leverage micro expressions to better understand and connect with others, enhancing personal and professional relationships.

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