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Facial Expressions

"The truth is written all over our faces."

                                                 - 'Lie to me'

Lie to me Universa Faces.jpg

Did you know that human face is estimated to be capable of more than 10,000 different expressions via using various face muscles, such as mouth, lips, eyes, nose, forehead and jaw?

While nonverbal communication and behaviour can vary dramatically between cultures, there are 7 universally expressed and recognized facial expressions of emotions: 

  • joy 

  • sadness 

  • surprise

  • fear

  • anger

  • contempt 

  • disgust

It is known fact that all people regardless of their race, age, gender, religion, physical condition, for instance, such as blind from their birth – all of these people express these 7 emotions in the same way.

In order to get a bigger picture of each case we work on, our experts combine different types of methods to provide comprehensive service to our clients, and as one of those methods is reading facial micro expressions.

Macro & Micro Expressions

We express Macro Expressions and see them everyday in our interactions with people.

The duration of those Macro Expressions on average lasts from 0,5 second to 4 seconds.

As well as we express Macro Expressions, we also express Micro Expressions in our daily life, the significant difference between these two - is the time length.


The duration of single Micro Expression is significantly shorter, they last less than 0,5 second. They occur when people are consciously and unconsciously trying to conceal or repress their true emotions.

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