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Facial Expressions: Micro Expressions

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Did you know that the human face is capable of over 10,000 different expressions? These expressions are formed by various facial muscles, including those around the mouth, lips, eyes, nose, forehead, and jaw.

While nonverbal communication can differ greatly between cultures, there are seven universally recognised facial expressions of emotions:

  1. Joy

  2. Sadness

  3. Surprise

  4. Fear

  5. Anger

  6. Contempt

  7. Disgust

Regardless of race, age, gender, or other factors such as blindness from birth, all people express these seven emotions in similar ways.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of each case we handle, our experts utilise various methods, one of which involves reading facial micro expressions.

Micro Expressions

Macro & Micro Expressions

In our daily interactions, we encounter macro expressions, which typically last from 0.5 to 4 seconds. These expressions are visible cues of emotions displayed by individuals during face-to-face communication.

Macro expressions provide valuable insight into a person's emotional state, allowing us to gauge their feelings and reactions in various situations. While they offer essential information, macro expressions are often more easily recognised and consciously controlled by individuals.

Micro expressions are universally consistent across cultures, making them a powerful tool for understanding human behaviour and emotions. Professionals trained to recognise micro expressions can detect deception, improve communication, and navigate social dynamics effectively.

Overall, Macro and Micro Expressions play distinct yet complementary roles in nonverbal communication, providing valuable insights into individuals' true feelings and reactions.

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