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We catalyse both personal and corporate advancement and innovation through the formulation, enhancement, and optimisation of impactful strategies and services.


Our philosophy holds that to illuminate the journey towards personal or business growth, embracing agility, refining intuition, and attaining a balance of mindfulness are essential.

We offer sharp, intuitive insights and agile intelligence that propel you forward more quickly and with greater assurance.

We Decipher Actions and Reveal 
the 'What' and 'Why' Behind Every Move

At ALETHEIA International, our mission is to decode the underlying truths of human behaviour, offering insights that clarify intentions and actions.

Founded with the ambition to lead Europe in insightful consulting, we specialise in unveiling the motivations and reasons behind interpersonal interactions. Our team, a collective of professionals from varied backgrounds, is united by the goal of demystifying human dynamics with accuracy and empathy.

Our core members boast a wealth of dynamic experiences, enriching our analysis and recommendations with depth and experience. They are supported by a dedicated team focused on technical, research, and administrative excellence, ensuring a holistic approach to each inquiry.

For cases demanding specialised knowledge, we engage with our network of expert consultants, ensuring that our clients receive tailored, insightful solutions that illuminate the 'what' and 'why' behind human actions.

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