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We drive personal and corporate growth and innovation by creating, developing and optimising great strategies and services.

We believe that to light the path whether to personal or business growth, we need to embrace agility, sharpen our intuition and achieve mindfulness balance.


We deliver our acuity intuition intelligence, and agile insight that gets you further, faster, with more confidence.

We deliver Truth and Transparency based Solutions

ALETHEIA International was founded with a single mission: to be the most insightful, innovative and supportive consulting firm in Europe that brings the Truth between the interaction of people. 

We are a team of professionals and experts that come from different backgrounds

but we share one common goal – to bring the truth into interaction between the people.


Our core team consists of experts with very dynamic and diversified experiences that adds a significant value to each case.


We also have an excellent team of support staff that focuses on technical, research and administrative tasks.


In addition to our support staff, we have a group of partner consultants, to whom we turn when a specific case requires particular expertise.

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