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"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand."

                           - Rumi

Aida von Schulman

Senior Partner

Expert in Deception Detection

Studies show we encounter 10 to 200 lies daily, illustrating the blurred lines between truth and deception in every facet of life. Aida shines as a guide through this maze, revealing that deceit is not only a personal challenge but a prevalent force in the business world.

Aida's career is anything but ordinary. With a knack for blending into the background, she secures her place in the inner circles of power, gaining exclusive access to pivotal meetings and critical international dialogues. This unique vantage point is not by chance but a testament to her exceptional skills and discreet prowess.

Her journey into the intricate world of human psychology and nonverbal communication began in her youth, igniting a lifelong quest for understanding the unspoken. Aida harnesses her sharp intuition and profound people-reading skills, enhanced by her deep knowledge in detecting deceit and employing unparalleled techniques. This allows her to peel back layers, revealing the core of a person's thoughts and emotions.

With a rich academic background in International Business, European Economics, Behavioural Psychology, and Law, Aida has navigated through various significant roles — from Legal Affairs Department within the Ministry of the Interior of Finland to an influential position as a Political Program and Public Affairs Attaché at the Embassy of Canada to Finland, and onto impactful contributions in the private sector, including her current role at SwissRapide AG, as a Vice President. 


With Aida, you are not just gaining insights, you are unlocking a new perspective. Her solid foundation in intelligence and keen perceptiveness offers a clear direction, illuminating paths you never knew existed.


Dive into the world of Aida, where every interaction is an opportunity to discover the truth beneath the surface.

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