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"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand."

                       - Rumi

Aida von Schulman

Senior Partner

Expert in Deception Detection

Studies show that people encounter an average of 10-200 lies per day. As a result, Aida believes whether in personal life or work place, especially, in business, deception exists on a daily basis. 


Due to her unique profession, she is an expert at keeping a low profile and yet having a back door access to high-level crucial meetings or international negotiations. 

Her unconventional path in experiencing the importance of reading and sensing people’s insights began at a very young age, where also a pursuit of knowledge in the field of human psychology and nonverbal communication began.

Aida uses her discerning people-reading intuition acuity intelligence along with deception detection insights and other unique techniques to uncover a person's track of thoughts and emotions.

In her academic career, she studied International Business, European Economics, Behavioural Psychology and Law. In her multifaceted professional career, she worked with the Ministry of the Interior of Finland, supported international energy companies in Oil & Gas business activities, coordinated and consulted numerous large-scale railway projects around the world, worked with the Canadian Nations Energy Company Ltd., and for the Government of Canada as a Political and Public Affairs Attaché. Aida is also in the Management Board of the innovative smart transport solutions company, SwissRapide AG.

Having knowledge and experience in behavioural psychology, she aptly combine it with her personal interests in international business and diplomacy, as well as her passion in various branches of law.

Solid background intelligence coupled with Aida’s perceptive insights will give you a vision of a direction you want to go.

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