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Lie to Me

"It is our responsibility to become emotionally intelligent. 

These are skills, they're not easy, nature didn't give them to us - we have to learn them."


                                           - Dr. Paul Ekman

"Lie to me" was inspired by real-life detection expert Dr. Paul Ekman.

The works of Dr. Paul Ekman, who is a pioneer in facial expressions, emotion and deception detection serve as one of the basis of what we do.


At ALETHEIA International, we find the Paul Ekman Group’s the FACS tool (Facial Action Coding System) is an essence of facial expression knowledge.

Inspired by Dr Paul Ekman, the use of the FACS tool in its best can be seen in a world famous television series – “Lie to Me”.


This insightful series made average people aware not only about facial micro expressions in action, but also a great deal of human psychology in various areas.


                    "The truth is written all over our faces."


Lie to Me S1 E01 - Pilot
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