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Lie to Me

"It is our responsibility to become emotionally intelligent. 
These are skills, they're not easy, nature didn't give them to us - we have to learn them."
                                                   - Dr. Paul Ekman

To gain a deeper insight into our work, we highly recommend watching the acclaimed TV series "Lie to Me", which is based on the renowned real-life lie detection expert Dr. Paul Ekman.


Dr. Ekman's groundbreaking research in facial expressions, emotion, and deception detection forms the foundation of our approach at ALETHEIA International.

The Paul Ekman Group's FACS tool (Facial Action Coding System) is integral to our understanding of facial expressions, offering invaluable insights into their nuances.

Through "Lie to Me", Dr. Ekman's influence and the utilisation of the FACS tool are vividly portrayed. This series not only highlights facial micro expressions but also explores various aspects of human psychology.

As the series succinctly expresses:

"The truth is written all over our faces."


Lie to Me S1 E01 - Pilot
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