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"The brain is wider

than the sky." 

             - Emily Dickinson

Peter de Jong

Senior Partner

Peter is an esteemed neuroscientist and adept science communicator, specialising in human behaviour. Drawing from his belief in the inherent potential of every individual, Peter's journey began with overcoming childhood learning disabilities, propelling him to delve into neuroscience.

His academic pursuits culminated in a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and human intelligence, where he explored the intersection of brain science with behavioral economics, unraveling the intricate web of social, cognitive, and emotional factors shaping economic decision-making. Leveraging neuroscience research, Peter adeptly predicts and comprehends human motivations and behaviors in diverse scenarios.

Peter's expertise has benefitted companies worldwide, and he is a sought-after lecturer and speaker at global neuroscience conferences and prestigious business schools. Additionally, he offers science-based leadership insights, collaborating with a spectrum of organisations from Fortune 500 companies to pioneering startups, elevating their cognitive prowess for enhanced longevity and well-being.

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