"The brain is wider than the sky." 

              - Emily Dickinson

Peter de Jong

Senior Partner

Peter is an accomplished neuroscientist and science communicator, who specialises in human behaviour issues. He believes there are great possibilities within every person. 


His childhood learning disabilities inspired him to study neuroscience and deepen his academic knowledge through his PhD in cognitive neuroscience and human intelligence - translating brain science to behavioral economics and how social, cognitive and emotional factors influence economic decision-making. Peter applies neuroscience research to predict and understand what motivates people and how they behave in certain situations. 


Peter has helped companies around the world and is a popular lecturer and speaker at international neuroscience conferences and business schools.


He also shares science based leadership tips. Peter has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial startups to enhance their personal intelligence in which cognitive capability is a direct determinant of longevity and wellbeing.

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