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Unlocking Insights, One Stroke at a Time

Graphology, the study of handwriting for personality traits, has roots tracing back to Aristotle's era.

At ALETHEIA International, we offer comprehensive graphology analysis tailored to our clients' needs:

  • Personal Analysis: Gain deeper insights into oneself for personal growth and self-awareness.

  • Relationship Insights: Enhance understanding and communication in relationships.

  • Business Associates: Better comprehend colleagues and partners for improved collaboration.

  • Employee Screening: Assist employers in assessing potential hires and evaluating current employees discreetly.

  • Child Development: Monitor and support children's personal growth and development.

  • Legal Support: Provide clarity in criminal cases to aid law enforcement in understanding suspects.

  • Ancestral Insight: Uncover family history and understand past generations through handwriting analysis of old letters and documents.

Our graphology services offer unique perspectives and valuable insights to support personal, professional, and legal endeavours, empowering individuals and organisations to make informed decisions and foster deeper understanding.

Signature Analysis

A signature is more than just a name on a page, it is a reflection of identity and personality.


Despite often being a mechanical act, each signature is unique and stylised to convey how an individual wants to be perceived by the world.

Signature analysis goes beyond surface impressions, comparing the signature to the individual's handwriting to reveal deeper insights.


Any disparities between the two offer valuable clues about self-perception versus external presentation.

Every signature tells a story

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