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“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence”    - Forbes

Above quote is how Forbes describes intuition and we could not agree more. Our daily interactions with the world and ourselves are mix of our conscious and subconscious perceptions. In the analysis of the complex mixture of these sensory signals - intuition is the key to find your truth.

The brain is capable of storing a phenomenal amount of data - most of which escapes our conscious mind. In an instant, our brain subconsciously processes the massive data arriving in real-time and previously stored data.

With what is known as intuition, the brain then provides a rapid, highly insightful analysis of a given situation. However, in order to access this non-rational intelligence, it requires special training skills and natural talent with sharp inner focus. Our experts have the skills to obtain this vital information such as TruthClarity and Credibility.

Our experience has shown, though subtle in nature, intuition intelligence provides us with the clarity and insight needed to make the right decision.

Whether it is in our private or our business life, every one of us consciously and unconsciously emits many signals to the outside world that are a reflection of our internal mental state, our thought processes and our emotions. At ALETHEIA International, through our experts’ highly trained conscious sensory acuity, along with the application of state-of-the-art methods, we can provide you with access to insight and analysis of this largely concealed information in order to enhance your business or personal endeavours.

We approach each case carefully by thoroughly studying our client’s background, objectives, business environment and stakeholders.


For each case, we design a tailor-made approach and strategy, and apply the most appropriate methods and techniques such as Intuition Acuity Intelligence® to the task.

Our objective is to deliver to you unveiled                     Clarity, Credibility and Truth!

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