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“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence”    - Forbes

Forbes characterises intuition in a way that resonates deeply with us.

The blend of our conscious and subconscious perceptions shapes our daily interactions with the world and ourselves. Intuition stands as the cornerstone in deciphering the intricate dance of these sensory inputs, guiding us to our personal truths.

The human brain is a vast repository of data, much of which bypasses our conscious awareness. It processes an immense volume of real-time and stored information subconsciously in moments.


This process, known as intuition, enables the brain to deliver swift and profound insights about situations. Accessing this intuitive intelligence, however, demands specialized training, innate talent, and a keen internal focus. Our experts possess the necessary skills to harness such critical insights, offering Truth, Clarity, and Credibility.

Our experience has shown, though subtle in nature, intuition intelligence provides us with the clarity and insight needed to make the right decision.

In both our personal and professional lives, we all send out numerous signals, both consciously and unconsciously, that mirror our inner mental states, thoughts, and emotions.


At ALETHEIA International, our experts utilise their advanced sensory acuity training, combined with cutting-edge techniques, to decode this often -hidden information. This allows us to offer you insights and analyses that can significantly benefit your business or personal projects.

We meticulously address each case by deeply understanding our client's history, goals, business landscape, and key players.


For every situation, we craft a customised strategy and select the most fitting methods and techniques, including our Intuition Acuity Intelligence®, to ensure success.

Our objective is to deliver to you unveiled             Clarity, Credibility and Truth!

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