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"The truth is written all over our faces"

We've Got an Eye for a Lie

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, breakneck development, and the relentless pursuit of financial gain, the quest for authenticity in personal relationships and clear insights into decision-making processes has never been more challenging.


The ability to anticipate human behaviour, a task fraught with complexity, requires not just skill but a profound understanding of the human psyche.


Enter ALETHEIA International, where our experts are not just proficient, they are masters of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), human behaviour, and social psychology.


Our seasoned professionals delve beyond the surface, decoding body language, speech patterns, and micro expressions with unparalleled precision. Armed with advanced techniques and finely tuned perceptual skills, they unearth the clarity, insight, and truth our clients seek.


At ALETHEIA International, we transform the intricate web of human interaction into a clear map for our clients, guiding them to the profound truths that underpin informed and strategic decision-making.

Learn more about Deceit

People often present themselves in the best light, saying exactly what you want to hear. If you miss the subtle cues revealing the truth, and it could cost you dearly. Why risk it?

ALETHEIA International empowers you with the confidence to proceed and make smart decisions.

From uncovering a business partner's true motivations and integrity, to evaluating key stakeholders, developing innovative products and services, or gaining exclusive insights into future industry trends, our global team of experts is dedicated to your success.

Our commitment extends to guiding your business through the digital age — embracing digitalisation, automation, big data, Industry 4.0, and IoT. We elevate your strategy with essential insights, transparency, and understanding vital for your success.

Leveraging our proprietary Intuition Acuity Intelligence® and cutting-edge, globally recognised methods, we equip our clients with the critical information and distinctive insights necessary for making decisions that enhance their organisation’s performance and success.

Our Services

At ALETHEIA International, our experts excel in neuroscience, NLP, human behaviour, and social psychology, among other fields.

Using their finely honed skills to analyse body language, speech patterns, and micro expressions, and employing advanced techniques, they uncover the answers our clients seek.

Trust is pivotal in personal matters, yet suspicion can undermine it. We assist in dispelling doubts by providing the clarity and transparency you need.

From navigating employer-employee trust issues, daily operations, and workplace investigations (including fraud, substance abuse, sexual harassment, etc.) to facilitating mergers and acquisitions (M&A) discussions, we offer our expertise to support companies through their complex challenges.

We are deeply committed to addressing critical issues like human trafficking, child abuse, profiling and screening, and the assessment of refugee status credibility, offering our expertise and services on a pro bono basis to individuals and organisations.

What Our Clients Say

Kathryn Shih

UBS Group Executive Board 

Aletheia International helped us achieve in CIS a monumental feat - strategically reducing operational cost in key areas while not affecting operations. We have been presented with several options and courses of action that is enhanced the value in a project.


James Calvin

Chief Operation Officer

As an expert in deception detection, Aida and her team consults us on an as-needed basis in our international talks with overseas partners and clients. She has a unique combination of big-picture perspective, with hands-on ability to implement change vital to the function of our enterprise based on her intuitive abilities and knowledge, along with her colleagues' competence. 

Aida is also consults our executive board in evaluation of potential partners and coach outboard of directors in spotting and managing emotion recognition in business. 

Citic .png
CITIC Canada Petroleum Ltd

Bill Tuer

Independent Director

As an independent consultant, Aletheia Int.  provided us value-added insights in business psychology, and introduced newly merged entity to importance of EQ in our leadership management, during 2 years of series of negotiations prior to merging, Calgary-based Macleod Dixon and Norton Rose Fulbright entities. 

Norton Rose Fulbright logo small.jpg

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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